Where Is It Best to Live When Studying at Southampton University?

Students that have qualified to study at Southampton University are fortunate enough to discover this is one of the finest cities in Britain for studying.

Park House in the centre of Southampton is a base where thousands have stayed during their graduating years. Its actual location is just Above Bar Street and transport links to the University of Southampton are frequent and well-served.

Moreover, Park House has several local amenities which make this location ideal for students. The West Quay Shopping Centre is a centrally positioned plaza and home to more than 100 shops, boutiques and various commercial retail outlets.

West Quay can be reached on foot by a five minute walk from the student accommodation block. Another five minute walk in a different direction would take you to the Solent University campus.

There is a huge park nearby where students can relax, enjoy a spot of lunch and grab some of the sun’s rays before returning to class for the afternoon lessons. This green area is another five minute walk from the Solent University campus and a hangout for many students during term time.

University of Southampton,

Park House is the best place for students to live in Southampton because there is all-inclusive pricing and a wide range of studio digs to stay in. These all-inclusive fees work perfectly for students: a one-time payment covers a period of stay and includes water, electricity, Wi-Fi, contents insurance and all television licence payments. There really are no more nasty surprises financially, once that initial payment has been covered.

What If I Am Studying at The University of Southampton?

A bus stop is located just 3 minutes’ walk from the Park House residences. This runs regularly to the university campus and is designed solely for the students. Bus stops are marked with the “Uni-Life” logo. The journey takes around 20 minutes each way.

The choice of rooms at Park House are wide ranging. These are Standard, Premium and Premium-Plus.

There are also some luxury suites available and come in two price levels: Luxury and Luxury-Plus. There is also a VIP Suite available, which includes a free car parking space and is the top package at the accommodation block.

The accommodation is safe, secure and an ideal place for students to reside. There are plenty of areas for socialising and some quitter areas for study too.