The Things That You Should Tell Your Kids For Them To Start Writing

Typing is a skill, something that you will be able to improve if you do it every single day and the fact is you will. You will get fast over time and that is because you can’t really avoid it. But you should know that your 7-year-old kid should already be practicing typing now at his/her age. Why? Because it’s the right time to learn almost anything like guitar, piano, dancing and many more.

You see at their age, they already know how to tinker a computer, they know how to work with tablets and mobile phones really really well and they already understand their actions. As a parent you would see most of the time the benefits for typing is usually about being more comfortable with the computer and be a faster typer than the other kids. But there is something more in developing the skill of typing than just that. There are many benefits that one can get thru typing and you will be surprised at what they are.

Learn to type for health: Typing may be a skill, but proper typing is actually healthy habit. You can never avoid typing. It’s part of the world now, the only thing that you can do is learn it the proper way. The proper way of typing will lessen or prevent any future health issues like carpal tunnel syndrome or back pain. By correctly placing your hand on the table and keyboard and by practicing good posture, you will be a healthy typer and that is what you should tell your kids.

Kids Typing

Typing is a great skill: Typing is a skill but if you’re a good typer (touch typer), that can be put on your resume. Everyone can write but not everybody can write more than 80-100 wpm. It’s a life skill that you can brag about. If you got instances that will require you to type fast like deadlines, no problem! You should be able to handle it well. Tell that to your kid because the world is theirs in the future and how well they are prepared in the world will be their arsenal to be a better contributor to it and having a good typing skill is one of them.

Typing provides focus: A good typing skill and habit provide focus to the user. Think about it, since you’re no longer looking at your keyboard on what keys to press it allows you to keep up with your thoughts. This will allow continuous flow of thoughts and ideas without the need to stop because your typing it wrong and so on.

Typing saves time: You can never get away with typing, it’s the norm nowadays and the best thing that you can do at this point is to learn it and learn it well. Because the better and faster you will be the more that it will help you finish your work on time and make you less stressed.

Typing is a skill. It’s a habit and since kids love to think about being an adult and act like an adult, maybe you should teach them one of the important things that will help you with your adult life and that is by being a good typer. But not just any typer, but a really good typer. This is where you introduce typing games to make your kid’s experience fun. You just have to tell them “if you want to be cool like daddy you should learn this.” If you want to get your Kids Typing, visit and get started.