What Are The Benefits Of Outdoor Play In Early Years?

Playing outside, offers endless benefits to the kids. But, these days’ children seem to be spending more time indoors playing on smartphones or watching television. Many research studies has highlighted on the negative impact on health and development. Similarly, researchers have discovered that playing outdoors bring in many benefits to children. Playing outdoors, helps the kids to unwind themselves freely without any space constraints, meaning they can jump, shout or play to their hearts content.

Here are a few benefits of playing outdoors as mentioned by the experts at Childcare Manly

  • Learning – Playing promotes learning ability in children. It is a fun way to help the children learn new information and skills. Outdoor learning inspires children to perceive that learning is an ongoing process, and does not end in the classroom.
  • Vitamin D – Do you know your body must be exposed to sun to make Vitamin D? Right from helping with the development of bones to improving the immune system, the role of Vitamin D is untold. Also, sun exposure keeps you in good mood and offers healthy sleep. Our body works at its best when they get exposed to sunshine every day.
  • Physical Workout – It is essential for children to be active at least for an hour each day. The experts at Childcare Manly suggest thatplaying outdoors is one best way to ensure that it happens. May be they can exercise in the indoors, but sending them to play outdoors will boost active play which is the best workout for children.
  • Socialising–Kids need to learn how to work in groups. They need to learn how to make friends, experience the joy of sharing and co-operation. Also, they will know how to treat and respect other people. The experts at preschool Manly mention that, all this can be accomplished with playing outdoors with friends.
  • Risk-bearing Capability – Children need to learn to take risks. As parents we expect our kids to be safe, and never allow them to take any risks. This might bring down their confidence level and hold their bravery back towards facing any risks. This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try. The teachers at kindergarten Manly state that learning from failure helps them to stay confident.
  • In Sync with Nature – World is keeping on changing. If your child has never walked through the woods, dug the soil, hasn’t seen any animals, then they might not really understand what they have lost. The future of our planet lies in the hands of the children, so they need to play outdoors to appreciate it.

So what are you waiting for? Send your kids outdoors and make sure that they benefit from playing outdoors!