Various Courses Offered Online

Water coloring is a type of art which depicts the colors of life in a spectacular way. The artists’ grandeur of vision is visually depicted with peculiarity where subtle nuances of minute details are captured earnestly. It is then altogether a different world- at times imaginary and at times real. Whatever it is, it is your way of leading life. You can make a choice with art and be a choice for art.

If you are enthusiastic about water coloring but still thinking about which one to choose, there are a lot of tutorial sample guides and videos which explain to you what you are going to cover in a specific course. Just like in any other course, water coloring courses also include many levels like Beginners course, medium level, intermediary and advanced levels. Though it is a little difficult to say which one is the best online watercolor course we can certainly make a review of various courses offered.

Beginners watercolor course

These courses consist of everything that a novice painter would need. All the foundation stuff like various colors, shades,and themes are introduced. Introductory things like how to draw landscapes form the first half of the course and drawing complete sceneries will be taught in the second part of the course. The basic curriculum of any beginners’ course will be more or less the following:

  • How to paint bricks, walls and other structures
  • Landscape designs
  • Painting different skies, mountains and other natural formations
  • How to draw boats and water bodies
  • Snow and water scenes
  • Church and other common constructions

This is a basic course and one can pick up well with good practice. The instructors in this level are generally very friendly as students are less experienced and try to teach with simple techniques.

best online watercolor course

Essential tools and techniques for water coloring

This is another good course for beginners where the student will understand various foundations and building blocks. Choosing colors and mixing them properly are wisely taught with commanding principles. Things covered under this are:

  • Sponging
  • Scraping
  • Spattering
  • Controlled washes etc.

You also have modern watercolor techniques where a student is taught about new ways of mixing colors and other mediums. Painting with gradient colours, working with monochromes are some of the things taught in this course.

Choose your course wisely keeping in mind your knowledge levels and the instructor’s experience in mind. Be sure to check the rating and reliability of the tutorial site before actually deciding to join any course. If possible,check with any like-minded friend who might have done the course earlier.