Role of Cisco Certifications in career growth of network engineers

Here you will get complete information about Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CCIE) exam. CCIE exam is best suited for both network engineers at their starting level and network engineers having vast experience in the field of networking. If you want more information about Cisco Certifications or to know more about our available products for CCIE exam preparation you can click on

The best part of our products is we offer guaranteed success to our members and we will refund the amount in case you fail to qualify the exam. Many engineers have passed the exam in the first attempt with the help of our preparation products available online. You can get more with the help of our video based learning material. You can go for CCIE without CCNA and CCNP certifications. You can complete the registration for CCIE written exam and CCIE lab exam online. You should register one week in advance if you want to go for CCIE lab exam. You can attempt each track three times if you are a cisco network engineer.

If you are going to start your career or you are an experienced network engineer you can start with anyone of the following available tracks.

  • Routing and switching.
  • Security
  • Data center.
  • Service provider.
  • collabration
  • Wireless

It is recommended to start with Routing and Switching track for both starting level engineers and network engineers having a good experience in networking. If you are a security engineer then you can go for security track. You can register with CCIE lab exam after 18 months you have passed your CCIE written exam. Cisco introduces evolving technologies section across all CCIE written exam tracks. In order to ensure your learning and exam success all our study guides and practice quizzes include OpenStack related topics. OpenStack is the most successful project in the open source history and for more information you can visit on OpenStack was started by NASA and RackSpace back in the days in order to open up the Amazon (AWS) cloud hegemony. OpenStack has become very much popular in the last 3-5 years. AWS is the best public cloud available today. You have the complete understanding of the following terms according to the Cisco’s official blue print for CCIE written exam.

  • Components
  • Automation and orchestration.
  • Troubleshoot and management.

In this article you will get to know about open source components. In order to manage and automate the provisioning of computer resources Nova is the best suitable. Nova is known as the core of virtual machine management software. Nova supports virtualization technologies like KVM, Xen, ESX and Hyper-V. It is capable running on are metal and high performance computing configurations. Administrators and users can a avail the compute resources through web interfaces and developers can avail the same via APIs. The purpose of the compute architecture is to scale horizontally on standard hardware. Rolling updates allow open source cloud to update to new release without any need to shut down. You can think Nova as the equivalent to Amazon web services Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).