What are policies by which dawood helped nation?

Dawood one of the social responsible citizen of the country he served his nation with various helps from various rich people along with managing his Own business dawlence. The Pakistan attacked with earth quakes and they helped the citizens and the people of Pakistan are so glad for the help bashir dawood and family. They noticed situation was worst during the earthquake and supported them by raising a foundation.

Along with dawood there are many people who cane forward during tough times but as dawood took major part of help we discuss about him in detail. The main ideology of dawood is education it is the prime thing and he strongly believes that is prime thing one need to know and this family of citizens in Pakistan. The maximum people of Pakistan stood for better situation of help and the dawood family helped them in many ways.tje major situation of the dawood family always been helping from various people. Many problems in the society are being discussed and solved to some extent by the dawood foundation with out any support from the family and the politics. The society and citizen of the Pakistan always helped and ruled for the toughest times. Earth quakes usually occur in a large platform and they are supposed to be helped.

Dawood introduced few policies for the education which took a wide encouragement fir children especial children. The points discussed by dawood is always true that they are many important situations that it is proved that study is main base for settlement and that is what relieves us from poor history of back ground.

Asmany people discussed earlier the main pillars of the society is re-education and good health. Dawood took that point as main interest and started to help society. Dawood along with his wife mariyam davood did many helps for girl child as previously there used to be suppression of girl in the society. Dawood always stood for better things and well being of society and many people cane forward for help. The main base of dawood is projecting the needs and concentrating on the same point and standing as front line for the people. Dawood as a master in helping hands inspired many people and gained lot of worship from them. Dawood is being taken as inspiration and felt he gained a lot with multiple options. He felt as he is educated he could help some one and in the same point if every child gets education then the nation itself becomes a developed country. Dawood way of thinking inspired many people and from that point many people sent their ward to school and making them educated in Pakistan.