Everything To Know Before You Start With Piano Lessons Singapore

The perfect time to begin piano lessons singapore will be distinct for each child, but generally, most children tend to be ready between the age of 6 to 8 years old. Some 5-year-old children also tend to be ready to begin, but that might not always be the case. How does one know if their child is ready? Hereafter is a checklist.

Requirements for Readiness 

  • Size of Hand

Can your child place all his five fingers easily on five different white adjacent keys? For kids who tend to lie within the age group of 5 years, that might be a big stretch. Ensure that the hands of your child have grown enough to be comfortable around a keyboard.

  • Finger Independence

If a person asks a child to hold his hand up and start wiggling, say, for instance, only his right-hand ring finger, will he be able to do that? Before a child begins to play piano, he needs to move his fingers individually on it. A child who plays a tune with a single finger might not be ready, but the one who uses three distinct fingers on three different black keys for playing Hot cross buns is probably ready for further lessons.

  • Desire to learn and an interest in music

Probably the most important point on this checklist would be the desire of a child to learn to play the piano. If the child gets motivated to play from within, it will indubitably help him overcome any difficulty he might encounter while learning. If the motivation comes from oneself, some time or the other, a person tends to end up with a power struggle.

Is the age group of 6-8 years an ideal time to start playing the piano? 

Generally, the age of six years is considered to be ideal, to begin with, a child’s piano lessons. At this age, children have successfully spent a year at their respective kindergartens and tend to be used to all the learning provided and directed to them by an adult professor. Also, their hands tend to be flexible and agile together to start playing the instrument.

They continue to have the primary mental capacity that permits them to learn such a complex language of music so easily.


Parents who enroll their children for piano lessons singapore provide them with a perfect gift of musical education and start them out on the way to enriching life in ways one never imagined. Studying movies helps in the development of hand-eye coordination, intelligence, discipline, and the creation of a skill that brings happiness to the performer as well as the ones listening to him while he performs.