Useful Tips & Rules For IELTS Writing Task 1

The candidates who are taking the IELTS preparation course and are working hard to clear the exam. We have gathered some rules and tips for all these candidates. Performing task 1 will allow you to become more confident with task 2 and all the other steps of tasks. If you have joined the IELTS training center in Dubai still you can apply these tips to pass your IELTS with flying colors.

Rules For IELTS Writing Task 1

Tips & Rules For IELTS Task 1

When it comes to taking the IELTS, you have four different types to complete the test. You have to pass the writing, reading, speaking, and listening test. There are two parts of the writing i.e. Writing task 1 and the writing task 2. I have enlisted the tips for task 1 have a look at it.

  • You must have to take Task 1 solemnly even when the marks for Task 2 are higher than Task 1.
  • Don’t hassle in completing Task 1, the common mistakes of the candidates taking task 1 are that they try and complete the task in 15 or fewer minutes. You should take 20 minutes to complete task 1.
  • Task 1 will help you perform better in task 2 as well. You will get going with task 1 and get momentum for the second task.
  • Make sure to read the question thoroughly, You have to read the instruction carefully and then interpret the possible answer from the given graph.
  • Keenly note the numbers and the values of the axes on the graph.
  • Minimum word count for the task 1 is 150 words, You have to make sure that you have written 150 or more words and not less than the required word count.
  • Support your answer with the example is a good option but too much detailing may leave a negative impact.
  • Try to link all the information, you have more than 1 chart, graphs or the tables in your task 1.
  • Divide the available time in the pattern below:
  • Spend 2-3 minutes for analyzing and planning.
  • Then 14-15 minutes on writing the task.
  • And last 2-3 minutes for cross-checking.
  • You should keep the pattern in a way that you should write in paragraphs. Make ur that the paragraphs are not prolonged. Write intro, then 1 or tow paragraphs involving the body of the text. In the end, you will write a concise conclusion.

When you will write task 1, you will become confident that you are good to go with the test further. IELTS preparation course will also help you find more tips through your tutors. You may also take an IELTS course in Dubai or you may join the IELTS training center in Dubai for better preparation.