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The main element in any persons’ life is the career in which they land. The first job might not be the best or can be considered to continue as a whole career. It requires passion, interest, and confidence before they could even join. When they chase their passion, their whole life becomes complete with happiness and contentment about what they are doing. Such is the case of personal protection. Most of the celebrities, VIPs, Politicians need guards to keep them off from general people or overcrowd. In these situations, the security guards make sure that they are safe and well protected. Generally, people think that these people are selected according to their fitness and body strength. But it is not the case. This involves a huge process that needs continuous learning and development. This is being done with the help of Pacific West Academy or, the subsidiary of ASC Inc. Since its inception in the year 2012, they have been deploying several people in many places. Although their first process was to conduct training to the people, slowly they recognized the demand and started to make sure that every individual who takes up the training is being employed.

What do they offer?

The PWA provides various kinds of rigorous training to the people who want to enter the security industry. There exists all the information on their website which can be viewed to get the details of their process. Mostly, they offer Executive Protection Training to all the people. The instructors have many years of experience in this field and are the leading experts in providing consulting solutions also. They have their offices in Los Angeles and San Diego. As per their instructions, entering this field requires huge courage and mental strength.

Their programs:

The main aim of the academy is to educate the people of the concepts both fundamental and advanced. By this, they will be able to create a highly knowledgeable person as personal security. It is extremely important as they are also needed to understand the social responsibilities. Their executive program includes;

  • 12-day Comprehensive Security Training.
  • 33-day Certified Executive Security Specialist.

Both these involve teaching both the new entrants and also the experienced people to know more about the field. Once these courses are over, they will be certified professionals who will be ready to be employed. Their training will help the people to improve skills such as;

  • Observational threat assessment
  • Firearms operation
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Taser training
  • Situational awareness

All the above skills will help them to face any challenging situation with confidence. With high-quality and state of the art facilities and affordable rates, this academy is definitely a winner when it involves strength training and development.