Criteria’s for applying O1 visa application

Have a look on below criterion for applying O1 visa


Most of the professors meet these criteria. As a professor you need to have contributed in a professional journal. Your articles can be your PhD articles or from master program articles. You should know that the conference papers done by you are not viewed as authorship articles. Author chapter and books are included in this category.

Work in an organization

Here the support from the organization you have worked previously is important. Without their cooperation you won’t meet this criterion. To pass this requirement you should have worked a member of some institution or organization. Through the institution you are working; you can get offer in US country for working. In this case your previous employer will act as a prior employer or sponsorship for your abroad working.

O1 visa professor


This is nothing but the professor should have acted as a member of evaluating the work done by other people. Many cases professors will voluntarily go as a judge in reviewing the journal of other people. Many will think reviewing the work done by students will also be counted but that is not the case. It won’t be included under this category. For applying O1 visa professor the applicant need to have done at least 2 reviews in their profession.


In your field of work check whether you are getting more payment or you have got high salary or you can make high salary. This criterion is compared with others working in your field of work.


This criterion checks whether you are a member of professional association or club. Becoming a member of this association cub or organization is not an easy job. Here the professor is interviewed based on subjective knowledge. The works and achievements done by them will also be evaluated to become a member of professional organization. Never think becoming a member of this organization is easy job that is based on your certifications and graduations.

Award holder

Here the applicant needs to be an award holder. Award should be issued on national or international level. Getting awards from local school level is not counted. Any money awards you or your organization won can be counted.

News Media

This criterion is nothing but your name has been notified in news media for the work done by you. Also the news channel should be national or international news or media and not a local one. Any work done by you in your field of work should be recognized in news media channel.

Original work done

This includes any discovery is done by you or your team including you. This is very rare and mostly not possible for all O1 visa professor applicants.