Why You Need To Learn Photography With Skillshare

Photography is an art, it’s a skill that makes people see the beauty in all things. People, places, landscape, street, people, small things, buildings, light, night, stars, plants, forest, grass, insects and so on. Taking all of these sceneries, objects and moment and make it a stunning work of art captured in a shutter. Photography is probably one of the most common hobbies there is for the reason that it’s very easy to practice it.

For the reason that everyone has a smartphone with a camera and fairly decent too that makes anyone who wants to practice shooting can do so anytime they like. With cameras in smart devices getting better and better each year, there’s no wonder that many people are slowly doing and seriously considering photography. These people got way past the everyday selfies and food porn that they just want to take it up the notch.

Smartphone limitations: Even if year after year smartphone cameras are getting better and better, the fact is that it can only go too far as decent. For the reason that it lacks the hardware capabilities that a point and shoot, a DSLR or a mirrorless have. Although there are phone cameras that boasts a bigger megapixel, the lack of a bigger sensor, optical zoom and real aperture and shutter speed function and not to mention the file format will make you feel limited to its capabilities.

Buying a camera: Deciding to buy a camera is one thing, choosing the best camera is a different thing. People think that if they are good in shooting with smartphones that this can transcend in them able to do it with a full frame DSLR, but it isn’t as easy as you thought. That is why for people that are transitioning most experts advise people to buy a point and shoot first, then go to either mirrorless or DSLR. For the reason that point and shoot might not have had the flexibility of interchangeable lenses, it still does have an optical zoom and there are already some very serious point and shoot cameras out there like the Fujifilm X100F or the first full frame point and shoot with Zeiss optics Sony RX1 that might even make you stick to it.

Learning to shoot: Once you got the camera, then it’s time to learn and autofocusing doesn’t count. Since basically you now have a good camera with high ISO capabilities, better aperture control, shutter speed settings and not to mention a better sensor with optical zoom, then you can try shooting in low light, with moving objects and in manual. But this can’t be learned overnight, it has to be developed over time and with that said, you need a good teacher.

Skillshare can provide that for you, skillshare photography is a good way for you to learn the skills by having these online course being taught be hobbyists and professionals alike that can help you get up to speed in learning photography anywhere you like. If learning photography in a classroom was the reason why you never got the chance to learn it, then skillshare is the perfect place for you.