Logical consequences experienced by the teens

The basic answer of the parents cannot be changed by rephrasing but it will provide encouragement for the children. Even though the teens would really appreciate the approach of the permissive parenting but the teens may be unsettled without a regulated behaviour. There will be a good relationship between the parents and teens in the positive parenting style. The logical consequences which are used by the children should make some sense. The parents should not discourage the children at all times and should find the opportunities to encourage the children. The strict parents may punish their children if they do not listen to their words. The teens may become angry and resentful if the tendency of the parents is not at all positive. The teens can experience the logical consequences and will have the opportunity to make choices with the teenage parenting advice. The boundaries are removed for the teens in the permissive parenting.

Clear expectations:

In some situations, the parents may be authoritative without actually being an authoritarian. The positive parents will tell the rules and decisions to their children and also explain them in detail. The teens are operated with some firm boundaries in the positive parenting. The children will develop emotional connections and have a strong bond with their parents in the positive parenting strategy. The teens who perform well within the boundaries will receive a good teenage parenting advice.

teenage parenting advice

In the parenting approach, the parents will have a clear expectation of their teens so that they can encourage the teens. The teens can understand the expectation of the parents and transmit their values in the positive parenting. The parents can teach the value of healthy choices to their children while having lunch or dinner. The parents should provide the opportunities for the children to empower themselves and equip the required skills throughout their life.


The behaviour of the parents will have a huge impact on the teens. The parents can defeat the feelings of the teens and encourage them with their parenting style. The positive parenting solutions are tried by most of the parents as they can practice in their own house. The brain development of the teens is impacted by the parenting style. The effect of the positive parenting will have a strong influence on the coming generations as well. The children may initiate the aggregating behaviour from their parents. Sometimes the parents own reaction to their behaviour will make the children worse. It is very simple to learn the basics of positive parenting and apply them to your children. Some parents are permissive while the others are strict in providing encouragement to their children. In the positive parenting style, the parents will set the clear expectations on the children.