How to Play Piano Lessons Tips

First of all, to learn the piano, you need to buy one. Practicing on a friend’s piano at a friend’s house does not go too well. You must be able to train at least five times a week for one hour at a time to learn piano in 21 days. The explanation is that practice makes perfect, and the more you practice, the better. Playing the piano can look sexy and very elegant. People only look at their piano, playing with amazement if you play a beautiful work.

Buying a piano is not easy if you do not know about the details.

They can be estimated from a few hundred to several tens or even hundreds of thousands. I would not recommend people buy a piano for a thousand dollars. Since you’re learning, you wouldn’t need a high-end piano; you can manage just as easily with a 2nd hand one.

In case you get your piano for the first time, you should first sit in front of it comfortably. A seat with the correct posture is a good place to start and make sure that its place corresponds to the height. You may find that almost all piano seats will not contain support. That’s why you need to feel right. Your posture is especially important, and since you’re sitting at the piano for long periods of time, it’s important that you do not form bad habits.

The keys can be pressed to G, indicated as an octave, and repeated above and below the piano. The first thing you need to know is how to play the scales and then the chords.

Learning the scales is usually an ideal way to get an idea of ​​the timing and how the fingers should be placed on the keys. The most fundamental scale which is recognized as the largest scale isC. To play a scale larger than C, just press the middle finger to the right of C and play to the right to the next C. Do not forget to move right thumb when you reach the main scale F. Realization from one side to another and the performance of all the minors and majors in different keys will take several days to master.


As in the case of countless things, education and training on how to play the piano can often be found on the Internet. There are many ways to play piano in 21 days available here, and almost all of them are beneficial for the money. You can even learn your favorite songs by going here.