Dubai Dance – Expanding happiness and skills at our studio

Dance is a universal form of expressing joy and every culture has its own version to offer the world.  More and more people are getting interested in dancing as a form of not only expressing themselves but also as exercise. Dance studios are being opened in cities across the world and these cater to people of all ages. In fact, the Dubai Dance Studio is one of these – an upscale studio in the heart of Dubai.

In a league of their own

Founded in 2014, this studio has already made a name for itself by offering a superb range of dancing styles and a variety of classes. If you hear Russian spoken at the studio, it is because the instructors and administrative staff are from the USSR. The studio can rightfully boast having some of the best teachers who work hard to make every class fun for their students. Another feature which sets this studio apart is how affordable classes are.  The aim is to make this an internationally recognized school. The staff organizes dance competitions and meets to encourage students to participate more and develop an interest in an art form.

Classes offered at the Studio

There are many to choose from – the Argentinian Tango, Foxtrot, Jive, Merengue and even workout classes. The Dubai Dance studio even offers classes for young children. In many cultures around the world, dance is a way of life and expression. For those interested in competing, master classes are offered so that they can polish their routines and learn new elements. Instructors take an interest in each student’s need and adjust their teaching to help develop student skills. The studio also has a flexible calendar so that students can choose a lesson based on their schedule. If the Dubai Dance Studio’s offerings seem too good to be true – check out their website for yourself and decide.

What else can one expect?

To make it easy and affordable for students to sign up, the studio offers special rates and combos, and even equipment. The studio also offers open houses and demos so that prospective students can walk in and decide if any program interests them. The studio has partnered with Ajour Design, London, making it easy for participants to get the right costumes for an event. Other suppliers like Dancesport UK are a great resource for any items needed for class or event participation. For more info click here

The instructors and management have thought of everything that a student would require and organized things to make dancing easy and fun.  In fact, they have ensured that they are listed on as many Dance sites as possible on the internet to gain visibility. The Studio’s visibility has skyrocketed in the short two years that they have been in existence. If you are a dance fanatic, this is the studio for you.  Even if you don’t live in Dubai, make it a point to go check it out and find out why it is so popular with locals and international participants alike.