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Learn Mate is Australia’s leading tutoring agency offering private lessons in all high school, HSC, IB, SACE, WACE & VCE subjects including English, maths, science, humanities, foreign languages, and so much more. Our innovative tools and technologies empower instructors and inspire students to improve the world around them. We understand the changing needs of your career and technology classrooms and design flexible solutions that meet those needs within the framework of any budget. Our sustainable support and professional development ensure the continued success of your programs. By helping to deliver the competencies needed for in-demand careers, we are producing results for students, teachers, nations and economies.

Easy student self-enrolment

All courses in Learn Mate can be assigned an enrolment key, enabling users to self-enrol in subsequent courses, thereby reducing back office work for instructors.

Robust Grade book

Instructors see grades for all students in the course, and can configure the grade book settings. Students only see their own grades.


Easy Course Administration

  • License courses to a maximum number of enrolled users.
  • Backup and archive courses.
  • Automate server backups of the entire site.

Flexible User Groups

  • Organize students in the same class into groups, or use groups to administer one course for separate classes.
  • Group students manually or have Learn Mate automate the process.
  • Grade assignments by group.
  • Set up courses with more than one instructor or have a teaching assistant lead the course.


  • Course and Activity Reports provide data such as student participation, activity usage, course logs, test results, assignment grades and number of users who selected a specific choice.
  • Aggregated Reports can be viewed onscreen, printed and exported to a spreadsheet.
  • Average Assessment Grades show the average score for a select assessment for a school, district, state and country.
  • Certificates Issued shows the number of a specific certificate issued course- wide or site-wide.
  • Test Comparison compares pre and post-test scores.
  • Licensing Reports show the total number of licenses allotted and used for an organization or course.

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